Youth Civic Engagement Opportunities

Legislative Internship Program

The Legislative Internship Program provides an opportunity for students to both work within the legislature as full-time, paid staff to legislative members, and to receive school credit. Students are matched with legislative offices based on expressed interests and strengths, and work 40 hours per week through either winter quarter or spring semester. Interns' work experience is enhanced by an academic program, which includes seminars, budget exercises, mock hearings and floor debates, and so on. For application information, and for program details, visit the Washington Legislative Intern page here.

Senate Page Program

The Senate Page program provides a unique opportunity for students aged 14-16 years old to engage with the state legislative process, and to become familiar with the Washington State Legislature itself. Pages spend a week performing a variety of tasks essential to the administration of the state Senate, including distributing bills and other relevant documents to Senate members, and fulfilling ceremonial duties. For more information, including application materials, visit the Washington State Legislature Senate Page Program site here.

Legislative Youth Advisory Council

The Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC)  was established in July 2005 provide a student-led council to represent youth policy priorities to the Washington State Legislature. Final appointments are made by the lieutenant governor based on recommendations and selection criteria developed by the council itself.LYAC consists of 22 members from around the Washington state who, at the time of appointment, are ages 14 to 18.  Members serve two-year terms and if eligible, may be reappointed for subsequent two-year terms.For more information about LYAC, including application information, please visit the LYAC web site  hosted by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.