Appointment Process

The Lieutenant Governor serves on and appoints members to over 40 different boards and commissions. Some of these appointments and positions are filled in the Lt. Governor's capacity as President of the Senate, and others fall under his executive authority. If you are staff to a board or commission and need information regarding an appointment, please contact the Office of the Lt. Governor at 360.786.7745 or

The Lt. Governor serves on the following committees:

  1. Washington higher education facilities authority, RCW 28B.07.030;

  2. State finance committee, RCW 43.33.010;

  3. State capitol committee, RCW 43.34.010;

  4. Washington health care facilities authority, RCW 70.37.020;

  5. State medal of merit committee; RCW 1.40.020;

  6. Medal of valor committee; RCW 1.60.020; and

  7. Association of Washington generals, RCW 43.15.030

The Lt. Governor makes the following appointments to boards and commissions:

  1. Civil legal aid oversight committee;

  2. Office of public defense advisory committee, RCW 2.70.030;

  3. Washington state gambling commission, RCW 9.46.040;

  4. Sentencing guidelines commission, RCW 9.94A.860;

  5. State building code council, RCW 19.27.070;

  6. Women’s history consortium board of advisors, RCW 27.34.365;

  7. Financial education public-private partnership, RCW 28A.300.450;

  8. Joint administrative rules review committee, RCW 34.05.610;

  9. Capital projects advisory review board, RCW 39.10.220;

  10. Select committee on pension policy, RCW 41.04.276;

  11. Legislative ethics board, RCW 42.52.310;

  12. Washington citizens’ commission on salaries, RCW 43.03.305;

  13. Legislative oral history committee, RCW 44.04.325;

  14. State council on aging, RCW 43.20A.685;

  15. State investment board, RCW 43.33A.020;

  16. Capitol campus design advisory committee, RCW 43.34.080;

  17. Washington state arts commission, RCW 43.46.015;

  18.  Technology services board, RCW 43.105.285;

  19. PNWER-Networking subgroup under chapter 43.147.060 RCW;

  20. Community economic revitalization board, RCW 43.160.030;

  21. Washington economic development finance authority, RCW 43.163.020;

  22. Life sciences discovery fund authority, RCW 43.350.020;

  23. Legislative children’s oversight committee, RCW 44.04.220;

  24. Joint legislative audit and review committee, RCW 44.28.010;

  25. Joint committee on energy supply and energy conservation, RCW 44.39.015;

  26. Legislative evaluation and accountability program committee, RCW 44.48.010;

  27. Washington horse racing commission, RCW 67.16.014;

  28. Correctional industries board of directors, RCW 72.09.080;

  29. Joint committee on veterans’ and military affairs, RCW 73.04.150;

  30.  Joint legislative committee on water supply during drought, RCW 90.86.020;

  31. Statute law committee, RCW 1.08.001;

  32. Joint legislative oversight committee on trade policy, RCW 44.55.020;

  33.  Legislative youth advisory council, RCW 28A.300.801

  34. Capitol furnishings preservation committee, RCW 27.48.040;

  35. Productivity board - also known as employee involvement and recognition board, RCW 41.60.015