Appointment Process

During the legislative session, bills are passed that establish new commissions, interim committees, task forces and work groups. Frequently, those new laws require the Lieutenant Governor, sometimes listed as President of the Senate, to appoint members from the two largest caucuses of the Senate to the newly established body.

Specifically, the Senate’s Majority and Minority leaders send the lieutenant governor a letter requesting that a specific member of his or her caucus be appointed to a specific entity. In most cases an appointment letter is then issued to the Senator with a copy being sent to the caucus leader and certain designated staff.

If for some reason a senator leaves office or determines that he or she does not want to participate on a body that he or she has been appointed to, the lieutenant governor receives notice from the caucus leader and a new member is appointed from that caucus.

Another type of appointment the Lt. Governor makes is for the proponents and opponents of statewide initiatives, to author statements for and against those measures in voter pamphlets sent by the Secretary of State prior to elections each year.

If you are staff to a board or commission and need information regarding an appointment, please contact John Schochet, Chief of Staff to the Lt. Governor at 360.786.7714 or