Podcasts 2019

Oct. 25 | Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick, The Conservative Legal Resistance

Sep. 30 | Pod Save America, “Drunk dialing for kompromat.” (LIVE from Seattle!)

Podcasts 2018

Oct. 17 | America This Week, Rethinking what it means to be ‘college material’ 
Sept. 28 |
Spokesman Review - Newsmakers, Washington Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib speaks with politics editor Jonathan Brunt
Aug. 30 | 
Stay Tuned with Preet, From Braille to Yale with Cyrus Habib
May 25 | 
America This Week, Meet Cyrus Habib: The Most Interesting Catholic Politician in Washington (State)

Podcasts 2017 

Oct. 5 |  The Columbian: Clark Talks, Lt. Gov. Habib Discusses Economic Development
Sept. 16 | 
Crooked Media: Lovett or Leave It, Trump’s Emotional Affair (40:39)
Sept. 15 | Public Interest Podcast, Vision of College for All
July 4 |  BBC Radio 4, Washington State’s Blind Lt. Governor