Immigration Executive Orders

The Lt. Governor’s Office recognizes that many Washingtonians have been affected this year by drastic shifts in immigration policy from the federal government. If you have been affected by the Trump administration’s immigration executive orders, or have related concerns, click here for the Lt. Governor’s central page for refugee and immigration resources, or click here for answers to frequently asked questions. If you need additional assistance, please contact the Lt. Governor’s Office directly.

The Lt. Governor has consistently spoken out against the discriminatory policies embodied by the Trump administration’s executive orders on immigration. See below for the Lt. Governor’s statements and speeches on the these policies, and an overview of the changes those policies have undergone since January 2017.

The Lt. Governor on Trump Immigration Orders

On Friday, January 27, 2017, President Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily blocking citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S., including individuals already qualifying as lawful permanent residents. This executive order took immediate effect, resulting in the detainment of travelers at airports, and protests all over the country at large airports. From Friday’s issuance, to 6pm Sunday, the Department of Homeland Security estimates that 940 travelers were detained due to the order.

On Saturday, January 28th, Washington elected officials organized a press conference immediately following the implementation of the order at SeaTac Airport, where hundreds of protestors were gathered, and several travelers were detained. The Lt. Governor, an Iranian-American and the child of immigrants, publicly condemned the executive order, noting that in addition to being “inhumane, barbaric, and un-American,” the executive order would also negatively impact Washington’s deeply trade-dependent economy.

The next day, Sunday January 29th, the Lt. Governor joined Governor Inslee and other community leaders at a rally of thousands of protestors at Westlake Park. The Lt. Governor spoke to the personal nature of the ban, saying,

“I feel this personally — because it could have been my family.”

The Lt. Governor joins Governor Inslee and community leaders to speak out against the travel ban at a spontaneous rally gathered at Westlake Park on Saturday, January 29th. Photo courtesy of Governor Inslee’s Office.

On Monday, June 30th, the Washington State Attorney General’s Office joined prominent Washington-based businesses including Amazon and Expedia, and filed suit against the Trump administration, requesting a Temporary Restraining Order on the travel ban.

On February 3rd, a Seattle-based federal judge ruled with Washington state, securing a nationwide temporary restraining order against the travel ban, temporarily blocking its implementation. While the Trump administration appealed the decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals also ruled in favor of the state, upholding the federal judge’s temporary restraining order.

On March 6th, the Trump administration revised the original travel ban, so that it applies to 6 countries, rather than 7, and removed provisions that gave preference for religious minorities of the 6 identified countries. This revised travel ban is the version currently set for review by the Supreme Court this fall.

On March 7th, Governor Jay Inslee, Lt. Governor Habib, and Atty. General Bob Ferguson publicly condemned the revised executive order. The Lt. Governor said that the “revised travel ban not only remains discriminatory, but is also harmful to our national security, ” and pledged to “continue operating a resource portal for those affected by this policy, and will remain available to help any Washingtonian who is adversely affected by this executive order to the best of our ability.”

On March 15th, two federal judges ruled against the revised travel ban, and issued a nationwide order prohibiting its implementation.

On Monday, June 26th, the Supreme Court decided it would hear the Trump administration’s travel ban appeal in October, and that in the meantime, that all nationwide restraining orders against the travel ban would be lifted. For that reason, Homeland Security has said they “expect implementation” of the revised travel ban Thursday, June 29th.

Lt. Gov. Habib urges those affected by the ban to continue to contact the Office of the Lt. Governor, and his staff will work to connect residents with services.


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