Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib was elected to serve Washington state as its 16th Lieutenant Governor in November 2016, becoming the state’s first Chief Opportunity Officer. In this capacity, Habib works daily for all Washingtonians, striving to expand access to opportunity and create a more prosperous Washington for all, throughout every moment on the job.

The position of Lieutenant Governor is unlike any other in Washington state government because its duties fall both within the Executive and Legislative branches. Per the state’s Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor becomes the Acting Governor whenever the Governor leaves the state or is otherwise unable to serve. As Lieutenant Governor, Habib also presides over the State Senate, and, as such, is the lead parliamentarian of that body and helps determine which legislation advances to the Senate floor for debate.

Habib was inaugurated to the Lieutenant Governor position on Jan. 11, 2017. Upon entering office, he built upon the office’s foundation and immediately began spearheading high-impact initiatives aimed at expanding opportunity and bolstering Washington’s economy through his executive powers in the following issue areas: International Affairs and Trade, Higher Education, Veterans and People with Disabilities, and Outreach.

“It’s an honor to be your Lieutenant Governor! We are collaborating with leaders and residents throughout the state to build a more prosperous and equitable Washington for all, by stimulating our economy through vital trade relationships and initiatives, and using the office to reach out to communities in every part of the state.”

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