Lt. Governor Celebrates, Gives Welcome Remarks, at Annual Samoa Day Celebration

On Saturday, the Lt. Governor gave welcoming remarks at the 7th Annual Samoa Day Celebration, the closing event to a week of festivities honoring the history and culture of the Samoan people.

The celebration is hosted yearly by the Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC), a nonprofit organization working to bridge communities and generations through arts, culture, and education. APCC represents 47 countries, and the more than 700,000 Washingtonians with Asian or Pacific Islander heritage. In Washington state, Samoan Americans make up the largest community of Pacific Islanders.

In his speech, the Lt. Governor gave a warm welcome to the Samoan community, and recognized the contributions Samoans have made to Washington state. The Lt. Governor also noted that the APCC has been incredibly effective in bringing our state together to highlight the diversity of our state, and to celebrate the rich culture and history of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Following the opening ceremony, the Samoa Day celebrations continued with live performances of traditional Samoan music and dancing, vendor booths with arts, crafts, food and drink.