Lt. Governor Welcomes Governor-General of Jamaica to Washington State

The Lt. Governor welcomed the Honorable Governor-General of Jamaica, Sir Patrick Allen, and his wife the Honorable Lady Allen, to Washington state late last week at a Seattle reception in an expression of our state’s value in global engagement.

Jamaica is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, meaning that the Jamaican head of state is the reigning constitutional monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth the II. The Governor-General of Jamaica is appointed by the Queen, and “is Her Majesty’s Representative in Jamaica.” The Governor-General also serves an executive role within the Jamaican government, responsible for the appointments of key government officials, including the Prime Minister.

The Governor-General and his wife visited both the east and west sides of the state during their trip, in which, among other things, the Governor-General delivered a commencement speech for Walla Walla University, and attended the Seattle welcome reception.

In his welcome speech, the Lt. Governor emphasized the importance of cultural exchange, international dialogue, and international engagement. The Lt. Governor said that Washington state is proud of its global connectedness, defined by major impact organizations like the Gates Foundation, large companies like Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft, and so on. The Lt. Governor concluded that fostering a sense of global-mindedness within the United States was “desperately needed in this day and age” – and for that reason, was particularly proud to welcome the distinguished Jamaican representatives.