Lt. Governor Visits Eastern Washington On Higher Education and Economic Development Tour

Lt. Governor Habib traveled to Spokane, Washington this past weekend to keynote the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture Centennial Celebration.

Formally known as the Eastern Washington Historical Society since shortly after its founding, and a recipient of state funding for most of its existence, the museum operates as a state agency as well as a nonprofit. Lt. Governor Habib, who is a well-known supporter of the arts, and makes appointments to the Washington State Arts Commission, offered remarks on the importance of continued partnership between the state and the arts community to ensure the history and culture of Washington is preserved, cherished, and accessible to all Washingtonians.

While in Spokane County, the Lt. Governor visited the campuses of several of the region’s colleges and universities, including Eastern Washington University, the Community Colleges of Spokane, Gonzaga University, and WSU Spokane Health Sciences Campus. While there, the Lt. Governor met with students, faculty, and administrators to discuss higher education policy, barriers to higher education access, and the role of higher education institutions in strengthening the region’s economy, as well as to learn more about how each of these institutions are making an impact on the region’s social, cultural, and economic development.

Lt. Governor Habib concluded the trip by meeting Greater Spokane Incorporated, Spokane County’s business and economic development organization. Greater Spokane Incorporated’s coalition of key local business and K-12 leaders are partnering with higher education institutions to execute on lofty goals to position Spokane County to continue its exciting growth as a hub of higher education and healthcare.