Senate Passes Navy Appreciation Day Resolution

On the morning of a scheduled performance by the U.S. Navy band beneath the Capitol’s rotunda, the Washington State Senate commemorated the service of the Navy’s members through a floor resolution.

The resolution, SR 8649, introduced by Sen. Barbara Bailey, resolves “That the Washington State Senate celebrate Thursday, April 6, as Navy Appreciation Day and bring warm greetings and many thanks to each and every person related to the Navy’s work and mission in our state.”

“These men and women who serve, and their families, are really the people we should thank,” said Bailey. “I want you to know, there’s no better neighbor, there’s no better friend of our state and our country, than the men and women who are here today. I look forward spending the day giving them good recognition for all of the things they have done.”

The resolution passed, minutes after a member of the Navy band sang the National Anthem on the Senate floor. The performance preceded a later musical production by a larger Navy ensemble from Silverdale, which roused Capitol visitors beneath the rotunda.

The Washington State Senate adopts SR 8649, celebrating Navy Appreciation Day on April 6th, 2017

“Thank you for that stirring rendition,” said Lt. Gov. Habib, presiding over the floor session in his capacity as president of the Senate. He praised the men and women of the U.S. Navy for their service and sacrifice, on a day that also happened to fall on the centennial celebration of the U.S. entering WWI.