Senate Passes Nowruz Resolution in Honor of Persian New Year

On Wednesday, the Washington State Senate passed a resolution commemorating the Persian New Year, Nowruz.

Sen. Joe Fain introduced the resolution, SR 8631, to “celebrate the honored holiday of Nowruz, recognize the historical and cultural significance thereof, and wish a happy and prosperous new year to all.”

“There’s never been a more important time for individuals of different faiths and different cultures to feel they can recognize and share their traditions with people who are different from them,” said Fain.

Nowruz is celebrated at the time of the spring equinox, which fell on March 20 this year. It is celebrated by nearly 300 million people across the globe, of different faiths and diverse communities, and by more than 1 million Iranian-Americans.

Senators Frockt, Saldaña, and Wellman also expressed their support for the resolution.

“The story of your father coming to this country was inspiring,” said Sen. Frockt, addressing Lt. Gov. Habib, who was presiding as Senate President. “It reminds us of the promise this country has. All of us are united in our humanity and want the best for our families. I wanted to speak to that, and remind all of us that this country is for all people.”

Following the adoption of the resolution, elected officials, including Secretary of State Kim Wyman, and members of the community celebrated the new year with Persian pastries, tea, and music.

“I want to thank members from both sides of the aisle, and acknowledge the guests here today,” said Lt. Gov. Habib. “What we need more than ever right now is for both parties to speak up about the importance of inclusion […]. Thank you for being such strong leaders.”

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