Urging Advocacy and Engagement at State Farm’s Day on the Hill

Lt. Gov. Habib urged a delegation of Washington state insurance agents representing State Farm to jump into the legislative process and advocate for their communities on Tuesday in a keynote address for State Farm Insurance’s Washington Day on the Hill.

“You are heard, but only when you are vocal and active,” said Habib.

As part of Habib’s work to expand access to opportunity and create a more prosperous Washington for all, he is creating initiatives aimed at spurring economic growth, with an eye towards innovation and consumer protection. He said he sees insurance companies as valuable players in forming effective policy and projects.

In 2015, when he was a member of the Senate, Habib worked with insurance companies, including State Farm, to allow transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft to operate in Washington within a regulated system. His legislation, Senate Bill 5550, required TNCs to provide adequate insurance, conduct driver background checks, supply data to the state, and pay for annual permits.

He emphasized the value of insurance company input in the state’s legislative system and their importance within the community.

“Everyone in this industry is connected to the community in which they work,” Habib told nearly 100 State Farm agents in the Columbia Room at the Capitol. “Teachers, insurance agents, medical professionals – by virtue of what you do, you’re talking to people every day. And that makes you even more valuable to the legislators, because you’re a barometer of where people are at.”