On International Women’s Day, Washington State Senate Honors Women

Members of both political parties spoke in support of women in the U.S. and around the world Wednesday, commemorating International Women’s Day with a resolution that sought to recognize the contributions of women everywhere and acknowledge the disadvantages women face.  

“Men and women should be treated equally based on their merit,” said Sen. Barbara Bailey.

She recounted an instance that took place years ago, when she was passed over for a promotion in favor of a man while acting as the main source of income for her young family. She said she’d never forget such a glaring instance of inequality in action.  

“This day is a great day to celebrate each day, not only how we have evolved, but as a society, how we have learned from our past,” Bailey said. “Do we still have more to accomplish? You bet we do.”

According to the International Parliamentary Union, the U.S. is ranked 104th for female representation in national parliaments.

Sen. Sharon Nelson spoke up immediately after Bailey, contrasting her years in high school with contemporary education requirements for women.

“When I was in high school, we were all required to take typing shorthand, because it was assumed that we’d all be secretaries,” she said.

The resolution honoring women was introduced by Sen. Rebecca Saldaña. In the resolution, titled Senate Resolution 8628, the closing sentence clarifies the measure’s ultimate intent:

“That the Washington State Senate recognize the contributions of women to our society, economy, and community; and honor all women throughout our state, nation, and world during the celebration of International Women’s Day.”

“We recognize and honor the work of women every day, but especially today we recognize the added challenges and obstacles that women face,” said Lt. Gov. Habib.