Thriving Aerospace Industry Places State Ahead of the Curve, Says Lt. Gov.

An array of Washington’s best and brightest mingled in the Columbia room Tuesday to discuss the state’s thriving aerospace industry and its pressing needs.

“I’m so proud that Washington is recognized globally for its aerospace innovation,” said Lt. Gov. Habib.

About 60 people from the Aerospace Futures Alliance and the Washington Aerospace Partnership filled the Capitol’s conference room, representing the likes of Alaska Airlines, Bergstrom Aircraft, and Aero-Plastics, among others.

Habib said the work of companies like Boeing, Mitsubishi, ATS, Electro Impact, and Blue Origin are essential to progress, and contribute to national goals.

“There’s a whole realm out there of private sector investments, which should be viewed as complementary to the work that NASA is doing,” said Habib, citing mineral mining as one example.

He also underscored the need to make strong investments in workforce training in aerospace and construction trades, which are intrinsically connected, before diving the necessity of international cooperation.

“You know, when you look nationally, we’re having a huge moment of challenge,” said Habib. “There are many people who feel that this new economy has left them behind in many ways, and has led to a large amount of discontent and frustration. But we know – we have the answer to that. The answer is not to turn the clock back to the 1950s. The answer is not to close our borders.”