Senate Unanimously Sponsors Children’s Resolution on Children’s Day

It was a fitting vote: the Washington State Senate voted to unanimously sponsor and approve a resolution in support of the state’s children, recognizing the importance of honoring Washington’s youth.

The resolution, initially proposed by Sen. Joe Fain, occurred on the Capitol’s annual Children’s Day, and recognizes the importance of children in Washington state.

“This job often takes legislators away from their families, and I know it’s particularly heartbreaking and difficult when they are away from their loved ones and littlest ones, and have to miss a parent/teacher conference, or even just time at the dinner table in order to get this important work done,” said Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib of the resolution. “Please join me in welcoming all of our guests here today.”

Specifically, the resolution calls for the Washington State Senate to “celebrate the children of the State of Washington and encourage all of its citizens to celebrate children on this day and throughout the year by nurturing them with love, attention, and encouragement in order to keep our communities strong.”