Washington Listed as State Lt. Governor’s Office with Most Statutory Duties

In the first nationwide compilation of statutory duties completed by state lieutenant governor offices, the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association (NLGA) listed Washington as one of the states with the highest number of duties, with more than 30.

The lieutenant governor offices of Alabama and Texas were included in the same bracket, with more duties than the lieutenant governor’s office of large states such as New York (with one statutory duty) and California (with five statutory duties).

“The Washington lieutenant governor has 54 statutory duties including chairing the economic  development and international relations committee, serving on 10 boards and making 40+  appointments,” states the release, issued on February 14.

“Each also preside over the state Senate,” said NLGA Director Julia Hurst.  “Twenty‐five of the 43 statewide elected lieutenant governors preside over the state senate. Nearly all receive this power  through the state constitution.”

For the full survey, visit the NLGA website,  here.