Celebrating Guamanian Culture in Tacoma

Traditional dance, food, crafts, and song were just part of the vibrant new year celebrations hosted by the Asian Pacific Cultural Center at the Tacoma Dome on Saturday, which commemorated the vibrant culture of Guam.

Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib spoke to hundreds of people about the necessity of honoring Guamanians and their contributions to the state.

“With this event, the Asia Pacific Cultural Center continues its tradition of showcasing the vibrant histories, customs, and contributions of the API community, effectively promoting tolerance at a time when such efforts are needed more than ever,” said Habib.  “As the son of immigrants to the United States, I understand the importance of the Asia Pacific Cultural Center’s work.”

He pointed to the center’s dedication to sharing the stories of the API community in helping Puget Sound residents fully recognize the diverse contributions of Asian Pacific Islanders in a unique way, and wished everyone a happy new year.

“Felis Åñu Nuebu!” said Habib.