Focusing on Jobs for Veterans and People with Disabilities

The Washington Retail Association stopped by Thursday to meet with the Lt. Governor in the Senate Rules Room of the Capitol. In a wide-ranging conversation, they discussed potential partnerships between the Office of the Lt. Governor and WRA members such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Home Depot to assist veterans and people with disabilities in finding employment.

“As a person with a disability, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have grown up in Bellevue as a child, with graduate-school educated professionals, and taken advantage of the Washington state public school system,” said Lt. Gov. Habib. “That is not the case for most Washingtonians. So, we are looking at how to partner with private and non-profit sectors, and all of you who create so many jobs and create early leadership ladders, to create opportunities for people with disabilities and our service members who have returned.”

Specifically, Wal-Mart  has contributed to hiring more veterans, offering jobs for veterans who have been honorably discharged through their Veterans Welcome Home Commitment. They’ve hired a total of 1,500 veteran employees in Washington state, and 150,000 total nationwide since the commitment was announced in 2013, according to their website and board representative.

Home Depot and Walgreens also have programs, and will be continuing discussions with the Office of the Lt. Governor regarding expanding such initiatives to help alleviate veteran and disability unemployment.