Celebrating the Lunar New Year

The Lt. Governor welcomed the Lunar New Year on Saturday, along with thousands of other Washingtonians.

“I’m particularly excited that the coming year is the Year of the Rooster, because I was born in 1981, which is also the Year of the Rooster,” said Habib. “I think that makes this year auspicious for each of us.”

From appearances on KO-AM TV and AATV, to visiting several Lunar New Year celebrations, including one with the Hua Yin Musical Association on Mercer Island, Habib marked the beginning of the New Year with reverence and enthusiasm.

“As the son of immigrants in this country, I’m particularly proud of the many economic and cultural contributions that Asian Americans have made to the state of Washington,” said Habib in a statement. “You know, New Year’s is a time to celebrate what matters most in life—family, friends and food! And so, I wish you all an extremely joyous New Year season.”