Officials Explore Emergency Preparedness at Resilient Washington Meeting

At the inaugural meeting of Gov. Jay Inslee’s subcommittee on emergency preparedness on Tuesday, Resilient Washington, members discussed the overall vision of the entity and the current status of Washington state infrastructure as it relates to safety during natural disasters.

The subcabinet has been directed to:

  • Identify data and information gaps that hinder preparedness and response plans.
  • Identify data and information to help guide a strategic public education campaign centered on personal preparedness.
  • Develop potential actions that can be coordinated across state agencies, local jurisdictions and federal partners to reduce risk and improve response in the event of an earthquake or tsunami.
  • Identify, prioritize and estimate costs for state actions that will improve public safety and earthquake preparedness and response.

Lt. Gov. Habib was appointed to Resilient Washington by Gov. Inslee to prepare for any potential emergencies that may occur while serving as acting governor.

At the inaugural meeting, Habib focused on listening to other state agency experts and learning, so that he may act quickly in coordinating response efforts. Additionally, once the task force makes a plan and/or recommendations, Habib will serve as a prominent advocate, with the goal of educating all Washington state residents on emergency preparation plans created by the state, and actionable tasks residents can take to be better prepared.