Lt. Governor, Garfield High Football Team Discuss Education

The Garfield High School football team stopped by the Office of the Lt. Governor on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to discuss education, the American Dream, and how funding impacts essential learning.

Throughout Monday’s discussion, Habib emphasized the role education played in his life, and on the path that resulted in his election to the lieutenant governor’s office.

“As I often say, I went from braille to Yale,” said Habib. “The reason [I could do this] is I had access to really well-funded public schools, and we want that for everybody—irrespective of disability or race, or economic background.”

He described his childhood and life as a person with a disability and a person of color.

“My parents were immigrants to this country,” said Habib. “I spend a lot of time wondering, why is there inequality?”

He explored the disparity in access to healthcare and affordable housing, exchanging in a dialogue with students over how he can help improve access to education as the state’s lieutenant governor.

Ultimately, providing students with essential resources, like updated textbooks is what the underlying focus of any legislation should be, he said.

“Legislators need to come together to work on it, and I want to do everything I can to encourage compromise,” said Habib.