Lt. Governor Owen battles for Washington National Guard

On the eve of an important congressional hearing, Lt. Gov. Brad Owen governor is joining with other lieutenant governors across the nation to battle for the Washington National Guard by asking the President and Congress to carefully consider proposed federal funding cuts.

“National Guard Bureau Chief General Frank Grass is scheduled to testify to the U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for Defense on the proposed reductions tomorrow (April 30),” said Lt. Governor Owen. “I am working with my peers across the country to highlight this vital state issue which requires serious review.”


A member of the Washington National Guards displays a U.S. flag found in the OSO mudslide. (Guard photo).

“In our own state, we just saw how the Washington National Guard stepped in to assist with the rescue efforts after the devastating Oso mudslide,” he said. “Beyond that, the National Guard is an effective and efficient element of U.S. homeland security and public safety nationwide.”

Nearly forty of the seconds-in-command in the states and territories co-signed a letter noting various proposed National Guards cuts would return funding to a pre-9/11 level. “As a state leader, I respect the need to review, modernize, and balance budgets. I would request that this scrutiny, though, include transparent, careful examination of the cost effectiveness of the National Guard and the essential nature of its service to states and territories,” Owen added.

A copy of the letter co-signed by Lt. Governor Owen is posted at the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) web site at