Nicole Piper of Shelton pages for Lt. Governor Owen

Nicole Piper bears Washington State flag during opening ceremonies of the Senate

Nicole Piper of Shelton served as a page for Lt. Governor Owen the week of Feb. 24 to 28. Among her duties was to be the Washington flag bearer for the Senate during opening ceremonies.

Nicole Piper, a 15-year-old student at Shelton High School, is serving as a Senate page for Lt. Governor Brad Owen this week.

As a page Nicole runs errands for senators and their staff while taking part in the legislative process. She met for about 15 minutes with the lieutenant governor on Feb. 26, then proceeded to be the Washington state flag bearer during opening ceremonies on the Senate floor.

Nicole said she was at first intimidated at the thought of being a page, but now that she’s doing it finds the job “very interesting and easier than I’d expected”.  She also feels it will be a good addition to her resume. In her free time Nicole plays tennis and other sports, and recently decided biology is her favorite topic at school.

She is the daughter of Debbie and Steve Piper of Shelton.

Pages receive a stipend for their week in the Legislature. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Senate page, you can find more information on the Legislature’s website.